Bliss Deluxe Epidermal Levelling

Bliss Deluxe Epidermal Levelling  1 Hour 30 Minutes $180

Epidermal Levelling is an effective clinical treatment that exfoliates your facial fuzz while removing the nasties from the surface of the skin. The glide of a gentle, surgical blade will decongest and resurface for the result of smooth, even, and soft skin. For further benefits, we do BT Micro extraction and finish off the treatment with Customised Masks and a Led Light Therapy. We always recommend this deluxe treatment option as LED Light Therapy enhances the skin rejuvenation process, providing a superior result with long lasting benefits to your skin. This Combination is the ultimate epidermal levelling procedure, your skin will love you for it!


  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Refines skin, creating a smoother, Softer appearance
  • Provides gentle, yet effective exfoliation
  • Oxygen booster and a LED light therapy will enhance the treatment result

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  • Lactobotanical Peel 20% - $49
  • Bliss Eye Treatment - $50
  • High Frequency - $20
  • Hyaluronic Delivery Eye Mask - $15
  • Peptide Gel Mask - $20
  • Lymphatic Mask - $100