eDermaStamp Skin Needling

Face & Neck $289

Face, Neck & Decolletage $329

Decolletage $210

Breast $250

Stomach $310

Full Back $329


Combining medical-grade technology (ARTG #332420, #332421, #332265) with unparalleled safety and precision, eDermaStamp® is setting the benchmark for micro-needling technology and clinical outcomes.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, eDermaStamp® is developed by the makers of the original Dermaroller® and features the highest quality medical-grade needles to:

Promote skin rejuvenation
Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Reduce the appearance of facial and body scars
Address unwanted stretch marks
Volumise complexions
Boost skin elasticity
Improve skin texture and tone

Skin must be prepped Prior to having a eDermaStamp Skin Needling  Treatment