Meso Infusion Therapy

 Meso Infusion therapy 60mins $199 

(LED Light Therapy, Scalp & Décolletage Massage Included)

Meso Infusion Therapy is a method of micro trauma to deliver vitamins, enzymes, and other essential extracts leaving your skin visibly and immediately brighter and Glowing skin. Mesotherapy downtime is minimal unlike skin needling. The Stayve Booster Ampoules are great for: moisturising dry skin through the various plant extracts, reducing the appearance of wrinkles strengthening skin elasticity, promoting skin regeneration, lightening skin, and making skin look healthier and stronger.

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Aqua Stem Cell Culture Ampoule –  contains hyaluronic acid and various plant extracts which moisture a dry skin. The unique formula of this booster visibly improves the skin texture and enhances the skin defense against external harmful environment to maintain the skin more bright and beautiful.  


EGF Peptide Gold is high enriched anti-wrinkle ampoule including many plants’ extracts and niacinamide. It retrains tyrosinase, main factor which produces melanic pigment, and visibly brightens dark skin and visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. You can directly use it on your skin and body. It’s easy to penetrate deeply and quickly into your skin.

Salmon DNA Goldcontains PDRN ingredients which are salmon DNA extracted from salmon semen. It is an effective ampoule that maintains healthy skin regeneration and anti-inflammatory properties of the skin. 7 different peptide ingredients visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin's firm feel. Niacinamide ingredient brightens and evens out the skin tone. 99.9% gold powder purifies and clears the skin. 



AC Stem Cell Gold  is an ideal product for people suffering from acne or skin irritation. It contains RH oligopeptide-1 and ecetylhexapeptide-8 which increase skin elasticity and help to maintain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, skin regenerative and wound healing properties of the skin. 99.9% gold powder helps to purify and brighten the skin. 

Whitening Stem Cell Culture Ampoule - helps make skin look stronger and healthier and have a strong lightening effect; helps in the process of removing wrinkles.

STAYVE Whitening Stem Cell Culture Ampoules